Channing Tatum in an interview unlike you’ve ever seen

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
May 5th, 2016

I’ve got to admit, Channing Tatum isn’t the kind of guy I’d ordinarily swoon over – not even in Magic Mike. But today, today Channing won my heart big time – not with his looks or his rock hard abs, but as a guest on the first ever non-verbal talk show called Speechless with Carly Fleischmann.

Carly is an extraordinary young woman. She has autism and up until the age of 11, she was unable to communicate with her family. Then one day, Carly typed two simple words on her family’s computer, “Help” and “Hurt.” Ever since that moment, Carly and her family have worked hard to develop her typing skills and now, she has an incredible blog and her new interview web series, where she landed Channing, one of the biggest names in the world, as a guest.

Both Carly and Channing are incredible in this video. Carly has some seriously great interviewing chops – she’s cheeky and she’s clever and her questions are a good mix of playful and serious. She types her questions out on her iPad and then Siri reads them out to Channing, who is lovely and engaging and honest.

Not that Carly needs any favours because her brilliance stands strong enough on its own, but Channing Tatum made a beautiful decision to go on her show. Knowing the massive attention his name would bring (which it has – this clip has gone viral), it has given the world an opportunity to watch this brilliant woman succeed in a career that she has worked so hard for….and is pretty damn good at too.

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