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How incredible is the new maternity pic trend?

Carla McConnell by Carla McConnell
March 2nd, 2017
Screenshot 2017-03-02 13.28.44

My 3-year-old daughter is currently obsessed by the fact she once lived in my belly. OBSESSED. She brings it up on a daily basis as if she can’t quite believe she fit in there. I get it, sometimes when I think about the concept of growing another person I find it pretty hard to get my head around too.

I searched high and low for some pics of when I was pregnant with her to prove that I’m not making the whole thing up. The best I came up with was a pic of me on the couch wearing some extra extra stretchy pants and a striped top from Kmart that is struggling to cover the belly in its 8 month glory.

Stretchy pants just doesn’t seem to quite get across just how amazing I felt at the time. I loved the feeling of watching my stomach grow and after seeing these incred maternity pics I totally wish I had celebrated the bump in a bath full of glitter. My daughter would have fallen in love with these the pics. What kid doesn’t love glitter?

I put my money on this being a new trend in baby bump pics. They are GLORIOUS.

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Screenshot 2017-03-02 13.28.44

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Did you get professional maternity pictures? 

These photos were republished with the permission of Melissa Jean Photography.

You can check out more of her incredible photos on her Instagram page here.

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