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For anyone who has FUSSY little eaters

Monty by Monty
September 18th, 2016
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My kids are shit eaters. Trying to get them to eat anything that doesnt come out of a packet is painful. I hear ‘Mummmmmm I want something from the cupboard” about 64 times a day. The ‘cupboard’ is where the fun packet stuff is kept and they sniff it out like vultures.

I have a mixture of food in our home, the boys can have treats but I try and put the odd thing that has grown on a tree in their traps so I know their little bodies are getting some goodness.

Nothing drives me more crackers than when I make them dinner, like cook something from scratch for them and then they wont even taste it! I know they will grow out of being this fussy because I was the same. My parents used to call me ‘sparrow’ when I was a kid because I ate as little food as a sparrow, now food is my LYF!

Emily Dupuche is the author of ‘Food Babies Love’ and she came over and showed me some meals that my kids might actually had a nibble of and that is all I can bloody ask for.  Hopefully these help you out if you have fuss pots as well.