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Amazing photos of newborns in their pre-birth positions

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
June 1st, 2017
pre birth

Ever looked at a newborn and wondered how that little body, complete with head, arms and legs, could fit inside another human?

Marry Fermont is a photographer who lives in the Netherlands and captures amazing pictures of babies after birth in their pre-birth positions.

Marry took her first photo of this kind when she saw a midwife showing a couple the way their baby was positioned inside the womb straight after birth, and says that almost all babies fold back up this way when held for the photographs.

Take a look at her stunning collection of photographs and just TRY to stop your ovaries from exploding….








Did you have any post-birth snaps taken?

  • Sue Schubert

    I saw a newborn baby delivered by C-section, who was in the breech position, his little legs were straight up over his head, and whenever his nappy was removed his legs went up again, the oddest thing I had ever seen!