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7 mind blowingly beautiful images of women giving birth

Monty by Monty
May 4th, 2016
birth image 1

Is there anything more amazing than women growing humans and then giving birth to them?

No, there really ain’t.

Every time I see a pregnant belly I still get amazed at the fact there is a mini human growing in there. It’s wildly wonderful.

I’ve given birth twice and it was hands down the most wild, wonderful, full on, intense and amazing experiences of my life. Even though it was hands down the hardest thing I have ever had to physically and mentally go through, it was the bee’s knees!  I think about when I gave birth often and feel like a bloody hero for it.

I love hearing people’s birth stories and seeing pictures too (does that make me weird?)

Below are some amazing pictures of women giving birth…

Warning, these pics are not for everyone. There are some ‘crowning’ images.

women giving birth

photo credit- Jane McCrae photography

women giving birth

women giving birth

women giving birth


women giving birth

Photo credit: Beautiful beginnings birth photography

women giving birth

women giving birth

Photo credit: beautiful beginnings birth photography

How did you find your birthing experience?

  • Shelley

    WOW! These are incredible, beautiful, amazing- all of it! I’ve given birth twice and felt like a bloody superwoman each time. Fourth pic up is how my number two boy entered the world. Both labours have been pretty good (?!) straight forward experiences, number two only lasted two hours from my waters breaking at home to pushing him out at the hospital!

    I love hearing other people’s stories too and nothing is TMI – don’t get me started or I’ll never stop – Love it x

  • Angela

    Thanks for showing some normal, yet great images of birth. Need it more in socal media! Midwives everywhere appreciate it.

  • Brenda Mangalore

    Just started our pre-natal classes + finished calm birth classes. (getting slowly use to crowning images!)
    Am learning that though the thought of it scares me (eep!) I’m looking forward to the empowerment! I think us first time pregnant ladies need more examples shown of the power + amazingness of the journey. We have an abundance of of the scary, negative stories. Thanks for sharing Katie!

  • Monty

    oooh mumma to be… So exciting… Soak it all up… Mx

  • shelley

    Monty…..what happened to my comment?!! ;)

  • Monty

    Oh no what do you mean? M

  • shelley

    Apologies, it seems to have appeared now! x

  • Monty


  • rejoyce

    This is amazing,woman are strong.

  • Makale

    I gave birth 6 days ago, and the second picture of the woman taking the baby from between her legs is exactly what I did. It was unexpected but amazing. I didnt plan to do it but was encouraged by my ob. Very glad she did.

  • Middy

    This is sooooo beautiful!! And Monty thank you thank you thank you for sharing how proud you are of your birth experience!! Your amazing and should feel so proud of yourself! There is so much fear out there we need more positivity around labour and birth spread the wonderful ‘normal’ and positive stories not the horror ones that cause more fear and lead to more fearful ones! I’m lucky enough to see how a wonderful birth experience can empower a woman firsthand! Xx

  • bellasmommy

    These are disgusting. These kinds of things should be kept private and personal. Nothing is sacred anymore.

  • golden girl

    congratulations Makale, i hope u and your baby are well. :)

  • KatieJ

    No one made you click on the link and look.

  • Ed

    My wife and I both teach Childbirth Education and my wife and oldest daughter are both Doulas. Just love seeing women feeling empowered by giving birth naturally. Sorry you find it disgusting bellasmom, there is nothing more beautiful or natural as giving birth.

  • Blackhalo

    WOW!! You have problems!!!!!!

  • Kelly Arndt

    How could anyone find these images ‘disgusting’?! These women are sharing some of THE most important moments in their lives. The images are beautiful!

  • BR

    I’m confused Monty, I thought you had 2 babies? :)