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Co-founder, Publisher and Editorial Director. Dabbles in radio, television, writing and nappy changing. Mum to Baxter and Arlo and Girlfriend of Sam. Loves Pilates, You-Tubing pimple popping and chai tea.

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You will NEVER look at a strawberry thick shake the same again

In celebration of World Continence Week, I’m gonna get my mates together and commiserate the fact that star jumps and...

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THREE games our kids LOVE (and learn from at the same time)

Stace and I had a games day with our little rug rats the other day and pulled out some...

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This is the foolproof way to meditate

Some people find mediating overwhelming and don’t like doing it cause it is too hard. I get it, because...

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The secret way I say ‘I love you’ to my family

I’m an ‘I love you’ junkie. Once my friend told me that her Nan used to squeeze her hand...

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Our LIVE podcast went a little something like this…

Our third live Show + Tell podcast happened a few Sundays ago in front of 200 women and one dude. His...

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This is a GREAT breast feeding set up

You know who rocks? Chicks. Chicks fucking rock. We cook kids inside our bodies, heave them out into the...

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FIVE things we wish we knew before we had kids…

The post is brought to you by the makers of aquamamma® but is all my words and story. Having...

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The item of clothing that makes me feel a million bucks

You know when you get a new item of clothing and you feel cool as shit in it? This...

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Do you clean your kids ears with cotton buds?

Confession time, I do something that many parents would never ever ever do. They would also find it highly...

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Awesome tips for throwing the BEST kids party

This post is brought to you by Hasbro but this is all my own story. There was NOTHING more...

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Four games your kids will LOVE that won’t bore you silly

This piece is brought to you by the game Operation although everything in the piece is totally my story....

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Fellow stress heads I have a cracker tip for you…

This piece is brought to you by RelaxMax but is totally my own story and opinions. What an unpleasant...

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Melbourne ladies, check out this AWESOME place.

There is a magical little place we have found in Melbourne called One Roof and we want to share...

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I have just fought the war on nits.

Well that was shit. I am now on the other side (I hope) of what was a brutal and...

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Harry Styles belts it out with James Corden in the latest Carpool Karaoke

We are big time Carpool Karaoke piggies here at Show + Tell. We have a whatsapp thread with all...

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I love my kids but I don’t always love being a mum

Last night in a packed restaurant I cried. Not just a couple of tears either, I’m talking the ugly girl...

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My friends getting married is sending me broke

I have witnessed many of my friends go through sheer agony while deciding on their wedding guest list. It...

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Are seperate bank accounts a good idea for couples?

Talking about money can be bloody awkward. When my partner Sam and I first got together about 64 years...

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Kate Middleton is wearing shoes we can all afford

I bloody love Kate Middleton. Gurl is all class and although it would suck big time to be a...

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Up Close with Chelsea Thomas from I Heart Bargains

Ooooh how we adore a bargain here at Show + Tell, I mean who doesn’t amiright? We sat down...

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