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Breakin’ up is hard to do

Vanessa Cryer by Vanessa Cryer
October 13th, 2014

Most people that you chat to have some sort of Bucket List. Those things that you just HAVE to do before you ‘kick the bucket’. Death is such a charming little conversation starter, isn’t it?

But for the most part, the “doing-it-before-you-die” thing is mostly forgotten, because instead it makes you think about what you REALLY want out of life, which in most cases includes stuff that’s exhilarating, challenging and often just bat-shit crazy.

There’s heaps of websites out there suggesting things if you can’t come up with your own list. It’s also a pretty good movie starring Jack Nicholson & Morgan Freeman.

It could be skydiving, unless Laurina’s “Passion of the Christ” episode changed your mind? Maybe it’s reaching the summit of Mount Everest or spending some time Eat, Pray, Loving your way around the world?

For some, it involves conquering some sort of fear. But for me, I’d rather it just be all about the happy. Swimming with dolphins, seeing the Northern Lights and rocking up to the Academy Awards all rate pretty highly on my bucket-worthy scale.


So I was intrigued when I found out about an anonymous American woman now living in the UK who’s cultivating a “Break-Up Bucket List”. A list of things she’d either put off whilst being in a relationship, or things that she felt she’d held back from trying.

Granted, some of the things listed are a bit meh, and she freely admits they may only be meaningful to her and probably not to anyone else. But there’s also a fair chunk that are pretty ambitious. That’s the beauty of a Bucket List – it doesn’t HAVE to mean anything to anyone else. Or even make sense to anybody else. I can tell ya right now, if I told you some of the more mundane things I dream about, you’d be judging me for sure – OHHH YOU’D BE JUDGING!

She’s also said that “some of the most fun things in life are precisely that which you can’t talk about publicly” so it’s pretty likely that at least one thing on your list will be something pretty personal… and maybe a little risqué.

Some of my favourites on her list include:

#254 – Be part of a flash mob

#227 – Send a message in a bottle

#196 – Forgive yourself

#195 – Forgive your ex

#191 – Go to a strip club

#187 – Go to a Wine tasting.

(I mean, c’mon – what newly single lady HASN’T rediscovered wine?!)

#170 – Kiss someone in Paris


(Easy when you live in the UK! But what would be the Aussie equivalent – Wagga Wagga??)

#155 – Ride in a police car

(I note she’s VERY careful not to specify whether it’s in cuffs or not)

#124 – Go to Bruges!

(OMG SAME!! Ever since the movie “In Bruges” I’ve been dying to go there & then be able to say that I’ve been to “f**king Bruges”. If you haven’t seen this Colin Farrell sleeper hit, you have no idea what I’m talking about. And you need to add “watch In Bruges” to your Bucket List)

#35 – Meditate with a Master Monk

#26 – Go on holiday by yourself

After most break-ups, chicks usually go for some sort of change – new hair, new shoes, new bag – to help them find a new sense of self, so I reckon it makes perfect sense to devote an entire list dedicated to finding your bliss.

And of course she kicked off the list with the ultimate advice:

#1 – Dance like no one’s watching

Amen sista.

Do you have any sort of Bucket List? What would you include on yours?

* Visit here to see the full list & you can follow @BreakUpList on Twitter