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The first year of being a mum was harder than I expected. One person made it all okay.

Brooke by Brooke
April 4th, 2016
Bugggy high reso

I married my husband because he’s pretty awesome. He’s also really clean and tidy and vacuums the floors way more than me. But on a serious note, before you have kids you never know the kind of parent you or your partner will be, you just hope that you’ll both do okay and be on the same page. You also want to get through that first year without killing each other  -because everyone tells you the first year is the hardest. And they’re right.

We just got through the first 12 months of parenthood, our little girl is now one and while it has been incredible, man it’s been hard too. Way tougher than I expected it would be. I have neices and nephews and loads of girlfriends with babies so I thought I was prepared for what was to come, I had no idea. Nada. Nothing could have prepared me for the incredible love I have for my little girl, but also the relentlessness and anxiety that came with being a first time parent.

But my husband  James, who really didn’t have any experience with babies at all, took it all in his stride from day one. What the hell? How is that even possible? I was the one who watched all the swaddling videos and read every book I could get my swollen preggo hands on. But even so, when I was losing it (most days) he would take over, and his patience far out-weighed mine (and still does).  You hope your partner will be an amazing dad but when it happens, well, thank god for that.

When James gets home from work and rushes around to do anything he can to help give me a break after I’ve spent the day looking after our daughter it makes me feel so supported and like we are such a team.

We share the parenting role, and although I’m with Edie more during the days, I never feel like I am doing this solo. He gets her up every morning feeds her, dresses her and takes her out for a walk and coffee so I can have a shower in peace and get ready for the day. He has been doing this from the time she was just a couple of months old. He gets some one-on-one time with her and I get some time to help me feel more human.

Some days I don’t think I would have been able to get dressed or have a shower if it wasn’t for that ritual. And at some point on their little morning adventures together he sends me a picture of her, or sometimes the two of them together. I look forward to that every single morning. Here are some of my faves…




James has blown this parenting thing out of the water. Frankly, sometimes I feel like he’s better at it than me. Which surprised me because I thought I had this covered…He is a dad that shows up, in fact,  he is kinda one of those dads that shows up and never leaves, never stops talking about his baby girl, never stops wanting to be there for her. I love that our daughter will grow up with a strong, reliable and loving man in her life.  We can never underestimate the role a dad plays in kid’s life.

I think our little girl is going to be more than alright.

James, thank you for loving being a dad more than anything in your life, it makes it possible for me to love being a mum more than anything in my life.

  • erin

    well. someone was cutting onions while I was reading that soooo

  • Show+Tell

    HAAAAA! You funny. Thanks Erin for sharing and enjoying xxx