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The Change Up brought to you by TOM Organic with…Aimee Marks

Carla McConnell by Carla McConnell
June 12th, 2018

We are super excited to share with you our latest interview for our new video and podcast series…The Change Up brought to you by TOM Organic.

We have been working with TOM Organic to find out what inspires a person to make a change? To choose a different path? To fight the status quo? To try and beat the odds? We asked a group of inspiring, creative visionaries about their “Change Up” — in their careers, personal lives, health, communities, or the world around them.

Aimee Marks, the founder of TOM Organic, is a woman to admire. She created her dream career of passion and purpose from a Year 12 project. What started off as a packaging assignment led Aimee to a moment of horror at the ingredients that were in tampons. So she created the product she wanted to buy.

From the excitement of being the first organic tampon on the shelves of major supermarkets to expanding her business into maternity products and nappies, Aimee has been on an awe inspiring journey. Between balancing children and career, and surrounding herself with an incredible team of women, Aimee’s next goal is to be the most empowering workplace for women in Australia. What a goal, what a woman. Wrap your ears around this incred chat.

You can watch our full chat with Aimee below.

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Here are some bite-sized bits of our chat with Aimee…

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