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This 10 year old girl singing Hallelujah will give you serious chills!

Stacey by Stacey
January 19th, 2017

As a parent I worry about the future of my children all. the. time! I worry that they won’t find the ‘thing’ that they really love, whether that be a hobby, a career, a skill or a person…because I truly know that when someone finds their ‘thing’ in life they derive so much self confidence, assurance and passion from it. I know it’s my job to help nurture the things they are interested in so they can find what makes them truly happy but I also know it takes a village to raise a confident capable child. It’s certainly not lost on me how incredible teachers are and how they can sincerely change a child’s life.

My son Raff is starting school in a few weeks and I’m already thankful for the teacher that will make such a huge impact on his life.

When I saw this video I realised there were two incredible stories in this  – one of the gorgeous little girl, Kaylee Rogers, and the other was of her incredible teachers that nurtured and supported her in finding her ‘thing’ that made her feel comfortable, worthy and confident.

Kaylee is a gorgeous 10 year old that happens to be living with Autism and ADHD. When she first came to her school in Northern Ireland she was shy and rarely spoke but her teachers noticed she would often be singing in class. So they encouraged her singing and her music teacher kept putting her in major roles in the school plays – and now four years later she is a confident and beautiful singer.

Her  incredible rendition of “Hallelujah” with her choir at Killard House Special School has gone viral and well, you need to see it.