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This puzzle has made me an addict

Monty by Monty
August 1st, 2019

My name is Monty and I’m a puzzle addict!

That sentence is so sad for so, so many reasons but I don’t even bloody care cause PUZZZZZLES!

My seven year old son, Bax, loves a puzzle from way back. At two years old the kid was doing puzzles that were way above his age group and you bloody bet I’d tell anyone who would listen. Friends and family who would pop over would get the puzzle show, which was me making Bax do a puzzle in front of them so they could ooh and ahhh and tell him how brilliant he was, which made me feel like a mum of a child genius.

The puzzle interest petered out a bit for him when he you know, made friends and shit, but now they are back in our lives. The other day I bought a puzzle for Bax and I to do together; I loved the pic and thought we could puzzle and bond and then get it framed on completion. It would be referred to as the mum and son puzzle for eternity.

When Bax lost interest

What puzzle will look like one day

Bax lost interest after the ice creams were complete and fair enough cause the rest of the puzzle is hard as shit, but it has me sucked in hook line and sinker. I’m exhausted because I don’t know when to call it quits and before I know it, it’s midnight and I am stillll puzzling! I tell myself “just one more bit and then go to bed” and then I get that one last bit and it gives me a dopamine hit and I haaaaave to keep going!

The main thing I love about doing this puzzle is that it is such an epic form of meditation. You have to concentrate and keep your mind on the (very serious) task so even talking at the same time is somewhat challenging.

It has been a wild ride between mindfulness and excruciating frustration.

This 1000 piece puzzle has taken a real five or so far hours over the span of a week and that is with other people occasionally dipping in and out –  and it isn’t even half complete!

It has taken centre stage on my coffee table and for a neat freak this has been a tad challenging at times, but the desire to puzzle has outweighed the desire for an orderly home.

I need to compete this bad boy so I can get my life back!

I’m definitely starting a puzzle club, sad but true. I’m going to invite friends over once a month for some cheese and wine and a finger work out! Shove your book clubs up your derrières cause puzzle club is where it’s at.

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