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Some genius slowed down Adele’s ‘Hello’ to reveal something incredible

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
February 9th, 2018

Remember when people used to say that playing vinyl records backwards revealed some sort of weird, satanic message? My cousin Sam once told me that he played a Guns N Roses track backwards to reveal the lyrics, “Kill Your Sister With A Spanner.” I shit myself and started saying as many Hail Mary prayers as I could until I realised that he was well and truly taking the piss and once again, my gullibility made me the laughing stock of my older, much cooler cousins.

So when I heard around the traps that Adele’s number one hit, ‘Hello’ slowed down sounds EXACTLY like Sam Smith’s voice, my bullshit detector went up. But I found the vid, listened and…. it’s eerily legit. Have a listen –

The Internet has come through with the goods in the form of some seriously excellent memes about the theory that Adele and Sam are actually the same person and just like Maccas, I’m lovin’ it. This is some funny shit.

adele meme 2

adele meme

adele meme 3