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Anna Kendrick wants to make something clear – she will NEVER be your bridesmaid!

Brooke by Brooke
February 25th, 2017

I have been a bridesmaid a fair few times now. Eight times to be exact. I have loved every single one of those times. Sure, some brides were a little more *intense that others (*a lot) but it’s pretty special to be a part of such a special day in someone’s life, I can’t imagine ever saying no to the role of being a bridesmaid.


Some of my many days as bridesmaid…

For my wedding, I didn’t have any bridesmaids. I wanted to keep it low key. There was a hell of  a lot of fussing on my part and maybe on some subconscious level, I didn’t want to put anyone else out…while I have enjoyed my time as a ‘maid, I know not everyone does. In fact, judging from the millions of videos on You Tube with advice on how to politely let a bride down gently when she asks you to be her bridesmaid, I am assuming there are a LOT of busy women who desperately do not want to be asked this question.

Actress Anna Kendrick is one of them. If you’re her friend, you can forget it.

She will go as far as to avoid making friends with any females who aren’t married because she doesn’t want to be invited to their weddings, let alone be asked to be their bridesmaid. That she says, ‘aint ever going to happen. Wowsers!

During her hilarious appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers Anna said; “I try not to get invited to weddings. It’s like watching your friends put on a little pageant. And you have to be in a nice dress and talk to people you don’t know. I feel like I’ve potentially avoided making very close female friends cause I don’t want to be a bridesmaid.”

I’ve potentially avoided making very close female friends cause I don’t want to be a bridesmaid.

It gets better.

“If you put me on an email chain and tell me I have to wear ballet pink nail polish, I will kill you where you stand… Like, I can be friends with you if you’re already married.”

Watch Anna’s appearance here. It’s gold!

Have you enjoyed being a bridesmaid?