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Tracey from MAFS was NOT happy on our radio show

Monty by Monty
February 20th, 2018

Like most of Australia at the moment, I am OBSESSED with Married At First Sight. This is the first season of it I have ever watched and I only jumped on board two weeks ago. In only two weeks this show has become my life. Sad, but true. I live for this shit.

I started doing the bed process with my kids at 5.30pm so they are well and truly fast asleep when the show starts. My partner and I eat dinner in silence so I can inhale my food and watch the show at the same time. My brain is definitely rotting more and more after each episode, but rot away I say.

It is the most voyeuristic viewing and I wish it was on 24/7. I am rooting so much for some couples and wishing bad thoughts onto others. I don’t necessarily feel proud of who I become when watching this show.

Visionz doing his thang

Visionz doing his thang

We had Tracey on my radio show yesterday (3PM Pick up on KIIS FM). She is the one who is with ‘Visionz’ (god I nearly died when he rapped his lyrical un-genius rhymes to her). I think the female collective felt somewhat deflated when she decided to give Deano ANOTHER chance. Yes, it makes for incredible viewing but this poor lady has a serious lack of self worth and confidence. I keep hearing it’s set up, but I don’t think it is, I truly think the casting peeps on this show have outdone themselves because these people are real! Hard to believe I know, but if they were actors, it would get out and the show would fail big time so there is too much as stake. Sure, situations and words would be manipulated but Visonz and Trace are real! My heart breaks a little for her.

When we chatted to Tracey it was clear that there is still a shit load of ups and downs with these two to come and I reckon if you read between the lines you can tell the status of their relationship now. They wrapped up filming a month ago, so they all have sealed lips, but if these two are still together it would be an insane miracle. I think Trace may come out of this ‘experiment’ with a new lease on life and some extra self worth and confidence in her back pocket.

Have a listen below to the chat.