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THREE books you have to read

Monty by Monty
March 14th, 2017

It’s such a luxury having time to read a book. Having two ‘active’, aka needy, kids means reading a good old book is a pipe dream.

I hang for our yearly Bali holiday so I can off-load the tots to a nanny and inhale books.

More often than not I have the intention to read when I get into bed at night, I sometimes even get in extra early so I can start to flick through some pages. Usually before I even pick up the book though, I will quickly peruse Instagram and then before I know it I’m violently spat out of the Insta vortex around midnight and need to go to sleep.

On the rare occasions I haven’t been sucked into the ‘gram I have been able to read some stella books that I highly recommend you get your mitts and eyeballs on. I am a seriously slow reader so each book usually takes me six months to get through, but well worth it. Would love to hear if you have any book recommendations, I’ll be sure to get to it in the next ten years.

1- Bright Shiny Morning– I read this book about 6 years ago and I still reckon it is my favourite. It’s also one of my partner Sam’s faves as well. The book is set in Los Angeles and follows the lives of different characters. A married couple who are massive celebs ( you can’t help but get an actual real life celeb couple in your mind when reading this which makes it even more fun), a Mexican maid, a young couple and a homeless man. The book traces the lives of these characters and it’s bloody awesome. The ending is one that stayed with me for literally months. It’s written by James Frey who wrote A Million Little Pieces.


2- Truly Madly Guilty. Liane Moraity can do no wrong. She is the broad behind my top fave book Big Little Lies which has been made into the TV series. Truly Madly Deeply is based around a barbecue that happens one afternoon. Six adults, three kids and a small dog are at the BBQ. The whole book follows the back stories of the six adults and how they are all wondering what their live would have been like if they didn’t attend the BBQ.  I wanted to inhale this book so I could find out what happened. I love Liane’s books cause they are all set in Australia so its really easy to get a good visual. This will make a cracker TV series too.


3- Our Turn. This is really different than the above two books. This is one to get your hands on immediately if you are in any form of business. It’s written by  Kirstine Stewart who is VP Media for Twitter. Kirstene was named one of Canadian Business’s Power 50 of 2016 for helping women discover their leadership potential. She is bloody awesome. A Sheryl Sandburg type dame who has smashed ceilings and often been written about for her high heels over her kick ass achievements. She draws on her extensive experience to share her smart and practical approach to business and motivates the shit out of you in the process. This is one for the men as well.


What book do you recommend?