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Ricki-Lee belting out ‘Shallow’ in a Laneway is BRILLIANT!

Monty by Monty
March 10th, 2019

You know when you sit on your phone and try to get to the bottom of Instagram? That is how I spend most of my day to be honest. I have put the social media time limit on my phone ( I set it for half an hour) but you can override that shit with one little finger tap, Apple needs to come up with a better solution to stop social crack addicts like me.

Anyway while in one of my Insta trances blissfully ignoring my offsprings, a post of Ricki Lee’s came before my very eyes and all I can say is FUCKING WOW!

Not only is Ricki a top notch broad, but gurl has some serious pipes on her (totally ripped off with her bullshit seventh place on Aus Idol 2004).

Like all people with a pulse, Ricki is a fan of A Star is Born, so much so she announced a tour where she will be singing songs from the movie and her own greatest hits. After a few champers on her way home from a dinner in Melbourne, she scooted down a laneway and belted out a bit of Shallow and it’s everything and more.

Ricki Lee also posted this cover of ‘I’ll Never Love Again’. Good luck not howling. I still can’t get through this song without a blubber.