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We’re not sure your ears can handle how good this cover is

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
May 13th, 2020

We’ve all had to get a little creative in our work and play while bunkered down in this weird isolife. The board room has given way to the bedroom for work meetings on Zoom. Our kids are learning about improper fractions and punctuation on Google Meet. The humble phone call has become our primo way of connecting with our mates, just like it was back in 1992.

And of course, TV shows and entertainment looks different too. Staple talk shows like Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel Live! are broadcasting from their own homes in a bid to swerve Queen Covid and sometimes… it sorta feels like it’s not really working.

Then, a segment comes out that just totally smashes it out of the socially-distanced park.

Jimmy Fallon, along with his show band, The Roots, and Panic! at the Disco’s leading man, Brendon Urie, teamed up to sing the Queen and David Bowie classic, Under Pressure. The Roots use kitchen utensils to jam from afar and Brendon sounds like goddamn perfection, but it was Jimmy’s voice that really hit me for six. He can seriously carry a tune and if you close your eyes, there’s a real Bowie-style edge to his voice.

So crank up the sound and enjoy two minutes of good old joyful entertainment, nailed in a time where we’re all seriously under pressure.

Of course, I then found this vid of Jimmy showing off his vocal stylings with the legend that is Sting, and it’s just as awesome…

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