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This is THE BEST doco I have seen in ages.

Monty by Monty
April 18th, 2017

It’s a small miracle when my partner Sam and I agree on a TV series, movie or doco.  We have opposite viewing desires, but to be fair I’m usually not partial to anything that doesn’t include Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson or Vince Vaughan. You can tell just from those three names the types of shows I’m into. Rom coms all the way amiright?

Last night, however, it must have been a magical full moon or something because while cruising Fetch, which we usually do for a good hour or so before agreeing on something, we both said a big old fat yes to a doco called Tickled and it was bloody FAB!

tiThe doco follows a Kiwi journalist called David Farrier, who specialises in bizarro and fabulous stories, stumble across a tickle fetish video online. I was hooked at the words ‘tickle fetish’ cause WTF!?! Is there anything more rotten than being pinned down and tickled? Next to the tickle vid David found an online ad recruiting “male athletic and fitness models (aged 18-25)” for “situations in which attractive, ticklish, and masculine guys are actually tickled in two different restrained formats”. David’s curiosity got the better of him and his next idea for a doco was born.

You’d think that the doco is going to be about the bizarre fetish and what kind of people do it, like a Louis Theroux type doco, and although it has similarities to Louis’ work; it takes some incredible criminal twists and turns that you don’t see coming. There are jaw dropping moments and also those fun light bulb moments when the twists and turns click in for you.

If you’re up for viewing something that will make your own life feel incredibly normal and awesome, then this is for you.

Loved it, I reckon you will too.