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Thousands of people just discovered this LIFE CHANGING iPhone hack

Monty by Monty
November 20th, 2018

Fellow iPhone owners, if you haven’t already heard about the new little hack that the internet is going nuts for then let me fill you in.  No need to read on if a different smart phone resides in your hand, this hack is useless to you. Apologies.

If like me you are a text message demon (phone calls should be made obsolete in my view) this simple tip will be a game changer.

How we didn’t know about this prior is mind boggling, but now we do and you bet your dollar we will use it!

When crafting a text message we (or me anyway) often makes many a mistake. Spelling and grammar ain’t my strong suit and autocorrect is sometimes wayyy off. To fix the error in the past you would have to hold your finger on the screen where you wanted the cursor to appear and your chubby thumb would have to manoeuvre it around. It was clunky and annoying and a waste of precious text message time (dramatic much!?!). Now, thanks to an American food blogger who magically stumbled on this hidden iPhone trick we can simplify the manoeuvring by just holding down the space bar. You can manoeuvre that curser where ever you damn well like. Easy as. Life changing!

Go try it NOW!!! You will enjoy. Promise.

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