THIS is the next show you have to binge on

Monty by Monty
November 7th, 2017

Nothing excites me quite like finding a new show to binge my eyeballs off on.

My partner Sam and I are usually too smashed after wrestling our ratbags to bed that we can’t even be bothered sitting like sloths to watch a show. The time investment has to be worth it so we are brutal when it comes to TV series – it has to be top notch to allure us to keep our eyes open.

At the moment we are devouring a Netflix show called Ozark; and it is more than satisfying both of our viewing needs.

Jason Bateman is the lead in this series and he is BRILLIANT. He plays a guy called Marty Byrde who is a financial planner. His wife, played by Laura Linney, is a homemaker who becomes a real estate agent in the new town they’ve recently relocated to after Marty got caught up in a money laundering scheme gone wrong. Marty has to launder 500 MILLION dollars in five years back to a Mexican drug lord.

There are SO many twists and turns in this show. There is the worst kinds of betrayal and gasp-out-loud moments that’ll have you hooked after episode one.

There is going to be a second season made of this show as well… Thank god!

Check out the trailer below: