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HBO releases trailer for new Robin Williams documentary

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
June 12th, 2018

Everyone has a memory of Robin Williams. Whether it was watching him on Mork and Mindy re-runs as a little kid, hearing him as the voice of the Genie in Aladdin or watching Mrs Doubtfire with your own kids. His magic was everywhere. His gift for bringing joy through laughter was seen in almost every performance, from his epic stand-up gigs to the big screen. He was, without a doubt, a legend.

But sadly, we now know that Robin Williams struggled with so much stuff hidden underneath the skin. Mental health, addiction and just prior to his death, a diagnosis of the little-known Lewy Body Dementia. The world became a less-funny place after Robin Williams’ suicide in 2014.

But now, four years after his death, HBO are releasing a documentary called Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind; an exploration of his life and career and how the two clashed and triumphed. The doco features interviews with friends and fellow comedy legends Whoopi Goldberg, Billy Crystal and Steve Martin, as well as Robin’s son, Zac. It’s a look back at his life, his personal struggles and above all, his innate brilliance and compulsion to perform and excel in a craft that brought joy to so many lives.

Come Inside My Mind promises an intimate look at a man who lived very much in the public eye and if the trailer is anything to go by, you might want to have a tissue or five on hand.

Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind is due for release on July 16 on HBO.

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