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The cheap as chips perfume Kristen Bell swears by!

Monty by Monty
October 15th, 2016

I’ve been wearing perfume for so long now that if I leave the house without a spritz, I kinda feel naked.

My poison as a kid was Fuzzy Peach from The Body Shop and then as I matured CK One got a big run for its money…then I flirted with Issy Miyaki for years and am now having an affair with Byredo’s Gypsy Water (from Mecca).

I love perfume but it’s priceyyyy so I usually ask my mum to get me a bottle for my birthday or Christmas, it’s one of those things that feels too indulgent to splurge such large amounts of coin on.

I have a few friends that opt to wear essential oils instead of perfume and I have given that a nudge over the years, but they never seem to smell anywhere near as delicious on me.

One of my besties douses herself in Rose oil and she smells heavenly. Everytime I am at her place I dap it on myself but it’s so strong it’s all I can smell all day… and it gives me a headache.

Although, I am tempted to try a different oil that Kristen Bell swears by. I adore KB so what she says, I will do. It’s Amber oil and apparently it has a smokey, woody and leather-like scent. It is cheap as chips too (from $5 on Ebay).


After having a good old Amber oil Google, it appears that I may be the last lass to know about using it as a perfume, loads of the broads out there are whacking this stuff on and for a few bucks why not? On top of smelling tops it’s meant to help with your mental wellbeing too. Win win ah!?!

What is your favourite perfume?

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