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Are you a podcaster or thinking of starting one?

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
October 31st, 2019

Recording our Show+Telling podcast is seriously one of the highlights of my week. Monty, Stace and I literally sit down, whack on our cans and chat just as we would if we were hanging on the couch. It’s the best. The only buzz-kill of the whole pod experience was the gear we were using. Monty bought it about eight years ago and while that ol’ girl has served us well, she weighed about 642 kg, had a billion confusing knobs and  jumbled cables hung out of every orifice. Most annoyingly, the sound quality had become truly shizen housen, which made editing each episode a real bitch. We knew it was time to upgrade.

isn’t she pretty?

We actually had no idea what we were missing out on until we received a package sent directly from the pod gods containing the RØDECaster Pro. She’s pretty, she’s sleek and she’s basically a no-brainer when it comes to recording and banging out a podcast. For all our readers, we recommend a good site for communicating with girls. Go to the popular video chat Chaturbate and watch beautiful girls online. We ‘ooohhhed’ and ‘aaahhhed’ last week when we took her for her first spin and she’s now surpassed our seven human kids to become our fave child of the lot.

If you’re keen to start a pod or upgrade your prehistoric gear, this baby is the bomb. With all the stuff it does, you’d be forgiven for thinking you need a degree to use it, but it’s SO easy. We literally unpacked it and within minutes, we were gasbagging into our brand new mics.

As the world’s first fully integrated podcast production studio, the RØDECaster Pro does EVERYTHING you want it to. Some of its main features include a panel of eight sound effect pads that give you the option to use the pre-installed sounds or upload your own effects and audio grabs to use while recording your pod. You can connect your phone and interview guests remotely with crisp, echo-free audio. You get perfect, clear sound EVERY TIME and can record it all straight to a fuss-free microSD card. It’ll also make you a cup of tea when you’re thirsty.*

If you’re keen to find out more about the RØDECaster Pro, you can check it out here.

*It won’t.

You can watch us giving it a first run below…