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The gang is BAAACK! Here’s your first look of the 90210 reboot

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
May 14th, 2019

Kids of the 90’s, prepare to be punched in the face with a serious hit of nostalgia, because the newly released teaser for the Beverly Hills 90210 reboot is here. And we are HERE FOR IT.

For those of us who grew up on an intense TV diet of 90210, you’ll remember how out-of-this world incredible it was. I was at the end of my primary school years when 90210 started and I couldn’t get enough of the lives of the coolest cats in town – the gang from West Beverly High. There were the never ending dramas, the epic 90’s fashion, Brenda and Brandon’s shared bathroom (remember that?) and all those after school hangs at the Peach Pit.

You crushed hard on either Dylan or Brandon (Dylan forevs!), because NO ONE was into Steve or David – and you aspired to be like Brenda or Kelly (again, no one wanted to be whingy Donna or Andrea). And of course, you wanted to pack up everything, fly to the other side of the world and see if Jim and Cindy Walsh would adopt you into their perfect little fam.

It’s been 19 years since 90210 left our screens, so let’s take a look at the OG opening credits just to refresh your memory…

And now, the so-corny-it’s-brilliant trailer for the reboot BH90210…. 

As if you’re not silently weeping for Luke Perry right now.

And just to get you a little more fired-up, Gabrielle Carteris (Andrea Zuckerman) shared this bit of magic on her Insta from the gang’s first table read….

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With the entire main cast back for the six episode revival, this little tease from the makers sounds EPIC: “What will happen when first loves, old romances, friends and frenemies come back together, as this iconic cast — whom the whole world watched grow up together — attempts to continue from where they left off?”  


BH90210 makes its debut on Fox on August 7 this year.

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