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Beyonce and Jay Z give us the PERFECT glimpse of their life…

Stacey by Stacey
June 7th, 2018

There is nothing unappealing about the Carters. What I mean by that is, if Beyonce and Jay Z took a shit on toast and served it to me, I would eat it. I love everything about them. The small portion of the relatability (wink, wink), the songs, the kids, and THAT love story. I soak that shit up like it’s the real-life Notebook.

Clearly, my love for them is not normal but I would venture to say I’m not the only one that feels this way?

On their latest tour together, On The Run Tour II in Cardiff, Wales on Wednesday they released a new video while they sang, Forever Young, and it is so bloody good it left me wanting MORE MORE MORE!

It includes crazy cute footage of Blue Ivy along with the twins Sir and Rumi. It also includes footage of the pair renewing their vows. They have just celebrated 10 years of marriage.

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