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The book the author of Big Little Lies couldn’t put down

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
September 4th, 2018

When I was a kid and I was being a bit of a shit head, my mum would send me to my room to “have a good, hard thing about what I’d done.”  I think she thought I would be so bored out of my brain sitting in there with no toys or TV that I’d legit spend my time thinking about why I’d been naughty. What she didn’t realise was that this punishment was a bloody joke, because I’d rip into my stash of books, kick up my feet and read in the sun streaming through my bedroom window. It was the best and really cemented my love of reading, even though it didn’t really do much for my cheeky ways. Good on ya, Mum.

joke’s on you mum. best punishment EVER.

These days, reading is a luxury that I’ve really let fall away. I still love it, but after kids and all the other shit that goes along with having a social media addiction busy, grown-up life, there just doesn’t feel like there’s time to get involved in a book. But the other night, instead of scrolling through Insta, I picked up my copy of The Dry by Jane Harper that I’d been dipping in and out of for YONKS, flicked back to the beginning and allowed myself to get sucked in faster than a dustball into a Dyson. And in just two nights, I’m 3/4 of the way through and have never been so excited to put the kids to bed and get my eyeballs back on those pages.

welcome to my night stand…

I had seriously forgotten how incredible the feeling of a getting lost in a good book is. But now I’m coming to the end of my book, I’m hungry for my next read. But who do you trust with an excellent book recommendation that’ll satisfy your nightly thirst for an awesomely written tale? Liane Moriarty, that’s who. The author behind incredible books like Big Little Lies, What Alice Forgot and Truly, Madly, Guilty, has given the big thumbs up to The Missing Pieces of Sophie McCarthy. Liane has described the novel by Sydney-based author Ber Carroll as “Intriguing, compelling, impossible to put down and irresistibly good,” so you bet your arse I’ve just clicked ‘add to cart’ on that baby.

The Missing Pieces of Sophie McCarthy covers all the good stuff you want from a book – ambition, betrayal, revenge and justice. The story revolves around Sophie, a tough and successful woman who is involved in a life-changing car accident that leaves her with chronic pain issues.  Told in bursts from the differing perspectives of the main characters, it gives views from all sides of the impact that this one incident has on the lives of Sophie’s family, the man responsible for the accident, his family and Sophie’s work colleagues. Weaved within the story are many relatable topics such as fertility issues, single parenthood, a child with severe sleep problems and mental health issues.

So basically, it sounds like a cracker that would make an EXCELLENT night-time read.

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