There is a brand new girl band in town

Monty by Monty
January 23rd, 2017

I’ve joined a girl band Called Vadge Out. Whatta ya think? Naturally, I am the lead singer. We look pretty cute ah?

Oh she jokes!

I do, however, have a new gaggle of fabulous geese flanking my sides.

The radio year kicked off yesterday, which meant I was back doing the 3PM Pick up on the KIIS network. This is my third year doing this gig and I think I may have landed the best little show ever. I don’t have the pressure or sore eyes that come along with breakfast radio and I get home before the peak hour kicks off. I would do this little show for eternity if the radio lords prevail.

Monty, Bec, Yumi

Monty, Bec and Yumi

This year I’m doing the show with Bec Judd and Yumi Stynes. Between us we have TEN kids (foul). Bec and Yumi have four babes each and I have my two lil rat bags. On top of being class A mamma’s, these two broads are fun, honest, strong, opinionated and all three of us have little, to no filter.

One of my favourite peas in my pod, Brooke, is also producing the show. I LOVE working with women. I am a massive lover of men and penis and everything else that embodies the male specimen, after all I sleep next to one every night and bred two of my own, but working alongside women is where I feel most comfortable.

There is something really awesome about working with other dames. I am yet to experience the bitchy, tall poppy bullshit that can come along with owning a vagina. We don’t always get to pick who we work with, but having strong, awesome women beside us when we can, makes everything that little bit sweeter.

Here is the press release that KIIS published yesterday about the show. Hope you listen in and have a laugh along with us.

Also check out Yumi On The Couch with me here. 

ARN is excited to announce the evolution of The 3PM Pick Up in 2017, welcoming high profile personalities Rebecca Judd and Yumi Stynes to host alongside Katie ‘Monty’ Dimond on the national 3 – 4pm show on the KIIS Network in 2017.ARN’s National Content Director Duncan Campbell explains the evolution of the show: “The 3PM Pick Up is an hour of fun stories and hot topics of the day, brought to you by intelligent, interesting women who have a fantastic sense of humour.  “ARN was the first-to-market with a show in this unique 3pm time-slot and position back in 2011, creating an entertaining afternoon show that helps our listeners keep in touch with the real conversations that women are having every day around the country. 

“Our new 2017 hosts Monty, Rebecca and Yumi are a mix of media professionals, bloggers, business owners, and Mums who have a serious social media footprint that has turned them into personalities with real influence among their engaged audience.”


Known for her frank, fresh opinions and sense of fun, Katie ‘Monty’ Dimond joined the KIIS Network in 2014 as a co-host on The 3PM Pick Up and she also has a huge following on her women’s lifestyle website Show + Tell, the “home of conversations that connect women”. While juggling her media commitments, Monty also loves being a mum to two young boys, Baxter and Arlo.


“I’m so pumped to work with Yumi and Bec this year. I love these girls and what they do and think our 3pm audience will have a real hoot listening. I suspect it will be like eavesdropping on some juicy conversations. It’s fair to say the three of us don’t have many boundaries”, said Monty.


A household name before establishing her popular blog Rebecca Judd Loves, mum-of-fourRebecca Judd will make her radio debut as part of the new 3PM Pick Up line-up.

Rebecca is one of Australia’s busiest and best known personalities and can now add radio host to her long list of accolades including being a Channel 9 television presenter, model, speech pathologist, wife, mother and blogger.


Rebecca said: “I’m so excited about joining the girl gang on The 3PM Pick Up. This will be my first foray into radio, I haven’t done anything like this before! I have the pleasure of being able to speak to so many different women through Rebecca Judd Loves so it’s going to be great to be able to engage with them alongside Monty and Yumi on so many topics each week.”


No stranger to radio, Yumi Stynes will return to the airwaves on the KIIS Network after hosting ARN’s Breakfast Show in Sydney and a break for maternity leave.

With a media career starting in the year 2000 when she won the Channel [V] music reporter search, overnight Yumi went from making ham-and-cheese sandwiches in a Melbourne takeaway to being snogged by Robbie Williams on live national TV.  Since then she’s written for major publications across Australia and worked on TV and radio interviewing actors, comedians, directors and musicians all over the world and is known for being a versatile and witty presenter.


Yumi said: “I have four kids and a rock n roll heart and, like so many other parents, I’m knee-deep in lunches, homework and schoolyard politics.  I still love to laugh though, and feel so privileged to be able to share the humour, the pain and humanity of life on The 3PM Pick Up.  I know the audience because I am literally the woman we’re talking to.”


Throughout the year, Monty, Rebecca and Yumi will be joined by other celebrity interviewees that audiences will love. Monty will be joined by co-host Rebecca Judd every Monday and by co-host Yumi Stynes each Tuesday to Friday.


Meshel Laurie, who co-hosted The 3PM Pick Up with Monty in 2016, will focus on KIIS101.1’s Matt & Meshel breakfast program among her many other media commitments.