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The most emotional Carpool Karaoke yet

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
October 28th, 2018

Carpool Karaoke is known for its light, uplifting and often hilarious moments. It’s one of those things you watch when you just want to switch off and unwind while listening to the planet’s best voices sing their greatest hits – and, of course, watch JC try his best to harmonise alongside them.

This latest Carpool was a little different though.

Michael Buble, that crooning hunk o’spunk, didn’t fail to bring the entertainment and laughs in a variety of ways – that smooth voice, a cheeky penis story and the ultimate coffee order – but he also brought something much bigger. For the first time, Carpool Karaoke got incredibly raw and emotional as Michael spoke about the cancer diagnosis of his then three year old son, Noah, two years ago.

In support of Stand Up To Cancer’s incredible fundraising work, Michael told a visibly moved James about how his “whole life ended” when he and his wife Luisana were given the news of Noah’s condition. You can see that this is still incredibly hard for him to talk about, but Michael spoke of the journey their family went through during Noah’s treatment and the moment he fell into a heap when Noah went into remission.  It’s a beautiful segment that will make you laugh, cry and fall a little deeper in love with the Bubes….

Last night, Stand Up To Cancer’s annual fundraiser aired on UK’s Channel 4 and raised close to an incredible AU$45 million bucks to go towards cancer funding and research. You can find out more about their amazing work here.

Megan Gale spoke to Monty about the impact cancer has had on her life and the people around her when she was On the Couch. You can listen to that chat in pod form below and catch the rest of our podcasts by subscribing here.