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Celeste Barber is the gift that keeps on giving

Monty by Monty
April 17th, 2018

Ooooh how we love us some Celeste Barber here at Show + Tell. It’s so thrilling when another one of her pics pop up in my Insta feed! She never fails to brings the goods with her #celestechallangeaccepted.

It’s been a while since we collated some of our faves so here are a few of her recent crackers.

“The basis of any good relationship- trust”

“Siblings by blood. Best friends by pay check.”

“When you sleep through your alarm”

“Morning breath is a friend of no one.”

“When you are this hot you must lie in the middle of the stairs so NO ONE can escape you.”

“5 second rule”

“When you’re all alone in your room and think ‘I could really take this time to focus on a charity that helps under nourished children’, but instead take a your clothes off, cop a feel and take a pic”

“When you didn’t get along growing up so you’re making up for lost time”

The best!

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