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Drew Barrymore’s new talk show is….

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
September 15th, 2020

Who DOESN’T love Drew Barrymore? NO ONE, that’s who. The kid born into Hollywood royalty has proven her chops in every facet of her career and then some. She’s a killer actress, director, producer (with her own production company, Flower Films) and author. She’s also a kick-arse entrepreneur, starting an affordable cosmetics line, Flower Beauty, and a homewares line, Flower Home, that is so stunning that it’s worth shedding a tear that her home line is not stocked here. Add to that her self-proclaimed most important role ever, as mum to daughters Olive and Frankie, and you’ve got a serious powerhouse.

She’s fun, fearless, worldly and always leads with kindness and the huge smile we know and love her for.

So it’s no surprise that Drew has flung herself into the world of daytime TV with her own show titled – you guessed it – The Drew Barrymore Show. Drew’s been dropping a lot of behind-the-scenes content and interviews online in the lead up to the show’s debut, which aired yesterday in America, and it looks like so much fun I want to move onto her set and live there forever.

To kick it off, Drew reunited with her Charlie’s Angels co-stars Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu. Here’s how it went down…

Also… Cam WASN’T EVEN IN THE STUDIO, so was literally projected into the interview like a hologram; a fancy-pants, totally 2020 move that paid off, much like this clip of current Drew interviewing her six-year-old self as a promo for the show…

While we’re reminiscing, get your latest hit of nostalgia on the pod with yesterday’s Blast from the Pre-Corona Past ep. You can get it in your ears below and subscribe here for heaps more.