Are you SO ADDICTED to The Teacher’s Pet?

Monty by Monty
July 30th, 2018

Farkkkkk man, I am so addicted to this podcast. For the last 11 weeks, I have been hanging for Thursdays to roll around like a junkie waiting for a hit. Thursdays being the day the newest ep of The Teacher’s Pet podcast drops!

Like almost every man, woman and dog in Australia, I am hoooooked big time. I find myself deliberately going the long way to work and school pick up to get an extra few minutes of listening time. I have also never been so happy to sit in a traffic jam.

How fucking creepy is this podcast? How botched and bullshit was the investigation? How crazy obvious is it that Chris and his bro Paul killed Lyn?

This podcast has become a source of connection with strangers and the main talking point with my family and friends who are equally as obsessed.

Chris, Kristin, Joanne, Shanelle, Sherryn

The main questions that make it into every conversation about the Teacher’s Pet are:

  1. Why the fuck did more people not alert the police? Like seriously! I can’t help but keep going back to the fact that it was a different time. The way we communicated was obviously totally different but still, my mind boggles. If my neighbour went missing and a teenager moved into her bed and started wearing her clothes and rings it’d be pretty fucking alarming and I reckon I’d smell a big old rat and probably pick up the blower.
  2. Is Joanne a victim as well?  In my opinion, of course she was. She was a child being manipulated. Did she do the wrong thing? Fucking oath, but she was a kid. I know as a 16 year old I could have been manipulated by any boy with a heart beat let alone an older strapping man who took a serious liking to me and I was from a very stable family unlike Joanne. Was the situation totally fucked? Yes. Could she have made a wayyyy better decision? Yes. Does she know more to this story? I find it hard to see how she couldn’t.
  3.  How are Chris’s daughters handling all of this attention and no doubt learning new and seriously seedy shit about their dad? The thing is that even if Chris didn’t kill their mum, he was a total dirtball shitbag to their mum and a handful of underage women. He has fucked up many people’s lives, and that is a hard pill to swallow as a daughter.
  4. How WEIRD is the relationship between Chris and his twin bro Paul? I always wanted to be a twin, to you know, share clothes etc… Not to share women! What the actual fuck is with these two? In episode seven when it was uncovered how they tag teamed on Joanne…I gasped out loud. It rocked me so much, it’s so sick and full on.
  5. How is Paul’s wife STILL WITH HIM!?! No words.

I could go on and on and on and on about this and if you are reading this I have no doubt you could to.

Hedley Thomas

I interviewed Hedley on the 3PM Pick up the other week and I have never been more giddy to speak to any guest…ever. It was a very odd feeling to get so excited to speak to a man who is delving into an Australian murder. What I find so totally fascinating is that these podcasts are happening in real time. New evidence and people are coming out of the woodwork every day!

This case will have to be solved in the near future. Surely!?! #softsoil, dig the fucking soil up!

Hedley has said that this will be a twelve episode podcast series, which means we only have one episode to go. I have a feeling it will be way longer than that.

M xx

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