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Your dream vid of Chris Hemsworth just became a reality

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
August 20th, 2020

Ever fantasised about Chris Hemsworth whispering sweet nothings to you? Telling you how gorgeous you are, how smart you are and of course, how much he simply adores you. If you thought that kinda talk was reserved for his wife Elsa, then think again.

Buckle up champs, because ol’ mate Chris has a special message just for YOU. 51 seconds of magic to enjoy and relish in – ‘cos god knows none of us are getting any closer to Thor than this.

Now, we’re not really sure where this vid originated from (word on the street is that the little snippet of the Netflix symbol probs has something to do with it) but what we do know is that Twitter user @hemsbest has just delivered the best moment of 2020. Bar NONE. Enjoy… and feel free to replay 642 times just like we did.

Never forget, girl… you’re the total package. An 11 out of 10. Chris said so.