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Zoë Foster-Blake’s new novella will leave your ears tingling

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
October 28th, 2020

There really doesn’t seem to be anything that Zoë Foster Blake can’t do. It’s inspiring and to be honest, a tad annoying for us average Joes and Joannes who might be good at like, two things tops.

Her resume is long and sparkly but most notably, Zoë’s an incredibly successful businesswoman with her skincare range, Go-To, and its literal baby brother, Gro-To. She is also the author of heaps of books, ranging from the kind of fiction ideal for reading on a hammock with a G+T in hand (Air Kisses et al.), to her bible of beauty editor-approved tips and tricks (Amazing and Amazinger Face) for making you feel your best from the outside-in.

She’s also written one about a fart, which shows some serious range.

Zoë’s latest offering, Clean Slate, is a real detour from farts, foundation and footballers, exploring the topic of marital infidelity… and it looks saucy and savage as hell.

Here’s a snapshot:

Cam and Holly live a seemingly perfect life in the ‘burbs with their two young sons, a lovely home and what appears to be a very enviable marriage. That is, until we find out that Cam and Holly have BOTH been playing ‘hide the sausage’ at a Bunnings outside of their local designated area or, you know, having affairs. Does the fact that both of them were unfaithful make it harder or easier for Cam and Holly? Is it a total marriage annihilator or equaliser? Could their infidelities be something that ultimately saves their marriage and make it stronger?

Exploring the idea that infidelity doesn’t necessarily have to end a relationship is fascinating to me, particularly because I’m one of those people who throws a blanket ‘It’d be OVER!’ statement when it come to cheating in my own marriage. It sort of makes you really question and consider your own ideas around the subject.

Clean Slate, which is only available as an audio novella on Audible, is narrated by the very excellent Stephen Curry, who breathes life into the characters, lifting them right up off the page into your earholes in the way only a true acting great can.


You can get your hands ears on Clean Slate on Audible here.

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