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Dog lovers, THIS new Netflix show is the best!!!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
October 31st, 2018

The first time I watched the movie Marley and Me, I sobbed so hard that I think I almost popped a rib. If you’re the owner of a dog you adore, you’re probably thinking: ‘Ah…. yeah. Marley and Me is the saddest movie of all time’. But, as someone who has never really had much of an affinity for animals, the emotion I felt really caught me off guard.

The thing is, I’ve always looked at people’s dogs as just ‘pets’, not as the deeply loved family members they are for so many. My mate Rad was SO incredibly close to her dog, Minnie, that when Minnie died, the intense emotion she showed was like nothing I had ever seen in her before. As she tried to catch her breath between sobs, I remember thinking that this was the kind of reaction I’d expect from the news of the death of a parent or a sibling. But that’s the thing – for people around the world, dogs are on that same level. They’re not just someone to play Fetch with, but confidantes and companions that will remain loyal and love you ’til their dying day.

The peeps over at Netflix get the whole ‘man’s best friend’ concept way better than me, so are gearing up to drop their latest docuseries, Dogs, to spark joy in the hearts of dog lovers everywhere. Check out the gorgeous trailer…

Dogs will comprise of six eps, all of which are “stories of unconditional love.” So far, we know that the first episode will give us a look at the relationship between an 11-year-old girl living with a condition that gives her traumatic and intense seizures, and Rory, her certified therapy dog. The second focuses on the tale of Ayham, a man who was forced to leave his beloved husky, Zeus, behind when he fled Syria, but is now trying to get him over the border into Lebanon so they can be together.

Co-creator Amy Berg says,  “Dogs is an emotional palate cleanse. Watching the show offers a salve for the spirit and reminds us of the redemptive power of love.”  Sounds EXACTLY what the world needs more of right now.

Dogs drops on Netflix on November 16.

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