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Taylor Swift’s mum taped her after eye surgery

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
October 4th, 2019

Fifteen years ago, I had laser eye surgery. I was terrified, but also sick of sleeping with my glasses under my pillow because I couldn’t see the numbers on my alarm clock that sat about 40cm away from my eyeballs. And the big ‘E’ on the top of the eye chart at the optometrist? That could’ve been a cock and balls for all I knew.

That surgery was life changing for me.

I was a nervous wreck before I had it done, so the doctors gave me a pill to chill me out a little, but it was pretty subtle. I sat in the chair, had my eyeball sliced open, lasered and flipped back over and was sent home in a pair of very unattractive goggles. I slept and then woke up to a life that involved no glasses or contact lenses.

Taylor Swift recently had laser eye surgery – and I know this because Jimmy Fallon decided to surprise her on TV with some sneaky footage her mum sent him of the aftermath of the op. I’m not sure what post-op drugs they’re dishing out in the US, but I missed out big time.

So please enjoy this golden goodness of Tay as you’ve never seen her before

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