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The trailer for Bohemian Rhapsody will give you the BEST tingles

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
May 16th, 2018

I don’t think there’s anyone in the world who doesn’t like Queen. They are hands-down one of the best bands ever to have existed and I challenge you to find one person on the planet who doesn’t at least know Bohemian Rhapsody – or hasn’t done the head banging scene from Wayne’s World to it a’la Wayne and Garth.

We were so excited today when we caught wind of the new biopic of the life of Queen’s legendary frontman, Freddie Mercury. This was a man who was a genius in every sense of the word and changed the face of music. To this day, his unmistakable voice has never been trumped.

The trailer of the movie, entitled Bohemian Rhapsody, will leave you with tingles all over your body…

27 years after Freddie’s death, Mr Robot actor Rami Malek is bringing him back to life on the big screen – and the likeness is uncanny. The film will explore the life of Freddie, who “defied stereotypes and shattered convention to become one of the most beloved entertainers on the planet” and the music he made with Queen. There’s been a few ups and downs during production, including comedian Sacha Baron Cohen pulling out of the movie because of ‘creative differences’ with the band members of Queen (he was originally meant to play Freddie), and the sacking of director Bryan Singer at the end of last year. But it looks to us like they’ve nailed it.

While it’s unknown whether the film will delve into Freddie’s battle with AIDS, the one thing that IS for sure is that this movie will be a full celebration of one of the best performers of our time – and the music he made that will live on forever.

Bohemian Rhapsody will hit Aussie theatres on November 1st. We CANNOT WAIT!

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