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The TV gods have delivered a RIPPER show

Monty by Monty
October 9th, 2018

My kids watch TV. 

A shit load of it.

I admire folks who have a screen-free home. We don’t live in one of those kinda places. My kids charge at the highest octane all day and quite frankly I’m exhausted. I’m so bloody grateful for our big arse TV screen because it’s the only thing that keeps my kids still for longer than .3 of a second.

Our TV is in our main and only living room and the only problem with that is if I hear the theme songs for Paw Patrol or PJ Mask again it ain’t gonna end well for anyone.

I can occasionally get my boys to watch 10 minutes of a David Attenborough doco, but once the lion has devoured the Gazelle they want one of ‘ourrrrr shows’ back on.

However, recently we have had a slight win with the viewing situation. My four and six year old have found a show called “Nailed It” and I am tickled bloody pink because I legit dig it too.

It’s a baking show that is loud and bright and fun and hilarious! The host Nicole Byer is who makes this show a kick arse success and she is a fabulously funny woman who isn’t a blonde, white, size six model. Halleluja.

This is a show for people who don’t like cooking shows. The contestants are rookie bakers who are given complex tasks, like baking emoji cookies or a Donald Trump head cake. What comes out of the oven is always priceless and my kids and I giggle EVERY SINGLE TIME!

When my boys get into a show they flog it silly for a few hardcore weeks then move on to something else, so I know our phase of shared show love will soon come to an end, but for now, we are three happy ‘Nailed It’ piggys!