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Awesome and easy Blogging tips from one the of the best

Monty by Monty
January 22nd, 2017

We started Show + Tell close to four years ago now. Brooke, Stacey and I wanted a side project that we could tinker away at and write about things we love  – in the hope you’d love it too.

While Brooke came from a journalism background, the type of pieces we write on S+T about our lives are very different to what she was used to, I had only written a couple of pieces for Mamamia and Stacey had literally never written much more than a birthday card. We were clueless about how to run a blog/website but we decided to just give it a crack. Being naive is sometimes your biggest blessing.

Blogging can be a hungry beast so early on we very quickly found out that the internet NEVER sleeps. Because of this we decided we would only write the amount of pieces we could sustain – and that wouldn’t tip us over the edge. Mia Freedman gave us that advice. Four years on, we have written thousands of pieces between us.

When it comes to the world of blogging, we’re still babies. There are some blogs that have been around for yonks and one of our favourites is Beth McDonald’s blog BabyMac. Beth has been successfully blogging for TEN years now. She has such a loyal and beautiful gaggle of women (and the odd man) that follow her and we can see why (because we are some of them).

We did an Up Close series with Beth to pick her brain about the best way to run a successful/profitable blog. So for anyone who is thinking of starting one, or even if you are well on your way, this video is full of useful advice.

Have a goosey at the rest of Beth’s chat here.