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What do you reckon is the most common LEGO brick colour?

Monty by Monty
April 29th, 2019

Finally a show that can hold the attention of my four year old boy and also the 40 year old man I sleep with nightly! LEGO Masters has nailed it (actually Nailed It is also a family goodie).

The premiere last night rated its tits off and for good reason. It’s like Masterchef but with LEGO and they build really cool shit and my favourite part is that it’s only running for three weeks. I can commit to three weeks!

Hamish Blake is a cracking host who does the bells and whistles while still being hilarious and fun. He came onto my radio show today (3PM Pick Up on KIIS FM) and we chatted all things LEGO. I’m one of those people that never remembers anything of importance that is going on in the world around us,  but for some reason I have a compartment in my brain that is full of facts that are unrelated to basically anything at all. Example: I know that the man who voiced Tigger in Winnie the Poo was also the same guy who made the first artificial heart and God is the only character in The Simpsons to have five fingers. So, when Hamish came in and unleashed his LEGO encyclopaedia mind, I could feel the facts march straight to that storage room in my brain. best betting site bahsegelegirisap.ycom bet on sports or slot machines.

Allow me to share.

Out of all the LEGO that is made, what colour do you think they make the most of?

I thought Black because every LEGO set seems to have loads of black blocks in it but the answer is….. yellow! The reason is because all of the LEGO figures have yellow heads. I posed this question to my baby daddy who got it in one which was terribly deflating, so I hope you got it wrong to make it a tad more thrilling for you.

Another random LEGO fact is they sell over 400 million tyres every year making them the world’s largest tyre manufacturer. How spewin’ are Bob Jane T-Mart?

And lucky last fact for you, the LEGO bricks sold in just ONE year could wrap around the earth FIVE times.

Here is the chat we had with Hamish today….

Lego Masters is on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Nights on Channel 9 at 7.30 (for three weeks).

Zoe Foster Blake sat with me On The Couch BC (Before kids, so yonks ago) but it was a lovely and fun chat if you care to cast your eyes on it below.