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Jason Derulo got real corny on TikTok. Ouch.

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
May 20th, 2020

Who hasn’t done some seriously stupid stuff in their time? I once chugged half a bottle of straight tequila in about 15 minutes when I was 17 and ended up passed out, with my head in a bin in a caravan park. Not my finest moment, but lucky for me, I outgrew those dumb shenanigans, sorta in the same way I outgrew Jackass. Good show, though.

That said, watching a prank go wrong at someone else’s expense is pretty bloody funny – and old mate Jason Derulo (sing it: ‘Ja-son De-ru-lo’) has delivered the goods in a recent TikTok vid.

Apparently, Jase tried to eat a cob of corn with a power drill and, well, things didn’t go exactly as planned…

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Don’t try this 😭😭

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Now, look – I’m not sure whether this vid is actually legit and while it does seem a touch on the fakey-fakey side, JD appeared in the TikTok vid he uploaded after this one still sporting his chipped chompers. TMZ also snapped him leaving the dentist’s office with a full set of gleaming pearly whites, so who knows?

What I WILL say for sure though, is that the comment circled in red below has handed me the best laugh I’ve had in about a week.

We chatted about Jason and the corn cob living in his pantaloons on the pod a little while back. You can listen to that ep below and subscribe here.