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Jay Z and Beyonce have a brand new home for the twins

Monty by Monty
August 23rd, 2017

Someone has got themselves some new fancy digs. The modest holy shit fancy abode cost some seriously BIG bickies too, but you can get yourself an insane pad that has FOUR outdoor swimming pools, a spa and wellness centre, a media room, staff quarters, a basketball court and 30,000 square feet of living space when you are JAY Z and BEYONCE!

The net worth between Jay and Bey is reported to be approx 1.4 Billion Aussie bucks (holy fark) and they apparently snapped up this little pad for $111 million Aussie.

I mean no one likes to talk about money but let’s do it anyway because allegedly their mortgage is $70 million dollars – so that’s approx $320,000 a month being sucked out of their bank accounts.

I wonder who is the grown up in their relationship, like, is Jay the one who goes to the accountant and makes sure their tax returns are in on time or is the Queen in charge of the finances?

When it comes to money in my relationship, I’m the child. My partner deals with the finances, like, ALL of them. He pays the bills, knows our account details, what comes in and goes out etc… All I know and care about is what I can spend each week.

The other night I told him how fucked I would be if he died because I don’t even know our access codes to our accounts. His reply was ‘no shit’. He often asks me for ten minutes of my time so he can run me through this stuff and inform me on how it all runs but…BORING!!!!

I realise this is an immature attitude to have and one day I will try and get interested in it or at least fake interest, but for now I am okay being a damsel in distress in this department.

I contribute financially to said bills and mortgage, I just don’t want to push ‘pay’ on any computer screen.

It was definitely a game changer in the fun department when we got our ‘big peoples’ house about six years ago though. I do feel my chest tighten a little as the mortgage leaves the grasps of my very spendy fingers each month. I wonder if Jay and B feel the same chest pains when 320k gets deducted from their account each month. I highly doubt it.

Wicked pad though guys, congrats.

Check out their pad below. They were house hunting for three years.


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