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Katy Perry’s new video for ‘Tucked’ is LITERAL food porn

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
August 30th, 2020


New mama Katy Perry (who welcomed daughter Daisy Dove Bloom with fiancé Orlando Bloom last week) has just released the vid for her single, ‘Tucked,’ from her new Smile album… and to say it’s a banger is a real understatement.

Maybe usher the kids out of the room for this one, because shit gets WILD in this animated comic book-style f**kfest involving broccoli and some sweet, sweet candy. Here’s the gist:

Dotty is married to broccoli man. They live a healthy, perfectly happy life with their two human/broc hybrid kiddos… but Dotty can’t switch off the horn she has for her neighbour – a rock hard piece of sweet-arse candy. The fantasies become a full-blown affair, where Dotty and her Candyman meet up at a hotel to make all of Dotty’s sweet dreams come true with some hardcore banging action. That is, until her husbo, broc-man, becomes suspicious, finds some incriminating pics of the two and heads on down to the hotel to confront them.

That’s when shit gets REAL wild…

Now, no one’s exactly sure what the idea behind the clip is, with some believing that lyrics like those below are a nod to her exes like ex-husb Russell Brand or John Mayer:

‘No one knows, knows where my mind goes
I keep you on the low, I must confess
You’re someone that I should forget’

However, I’m way more into the idea that the clip is all about fucked-up diet culture, where ‘indulgences’ like lollies are forbidden in our health-obsessed culture. In the end though, that’s really all Dotty wants: for her two loves, broccoli and sweets, to co-exist in harmony. ‘Cos who hasn’t dreamt of banging a Cadbury block all night long?

Speaking of fucked-up diet culture, Monty and I shared our experiences with body image issues a little while back on the pod. Listen below and subscribe here for a real mixed-bag of fun.