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Carpool Karaoke with a twist

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
October 17th, 2018

Sometimes when I feel intimidated by someone, I imagine them on the toilet, mid-poo. This works for me because if there’s one thing we’ve all gotta do, it’s shit – and it doesn’t matter whether you’re royalty, a rock star or a mere pleb like 99% of us. It’s like the most revolting of all common human threads.

In addition to all things faeces, there are loads of other things that no one on the planet is immune to; things like love and envy and heartbreak and all that good stuff. Another one is curiosity or, if we’re putting a 2018 spin on it, social media snooping. If you’re on any social platform, I’d bet my toenails on the fact that you’ve found yourself down the rabbit hole at least once or twice. Or five thousand times.

we’ve all got trapped in this vortex once in a while

The social media snoop usually goes one of two ways – there’s the incidental snoop, where you’re commenting on someone’s cute new baby and spy a familiar face from the past in their Friends section. Before you know it, you’re balls deep in their Hawaiian holiday snaps from 2009 even though you haven’t seen them since 1996. The other is the intentional snoop;  your mind decides to shoot you a memory of a past love (or ratbag) and the curiosity gets the better of you. “Hmmm, I wonder what they’re up to now” you think to yourself as you type their name into the search bar and start digging.

Proving my ‘no one is immune’ theory is Kendall Jenner. In a recent ep of Carpool Karaoke, Kendall and her mate Hailey Baldwin were hooked up to a lie detector as they cruised around town while some bloke (who definitely looks like his name would be Norm, but his t-shirt says John) monitored their answers from the back. When Hailey asked whether she’s ever created a fake Insta profile to snoop on old boyfriends, Kendall shrieked “You know the answer to this! YES!!” while ol’ Norm stoically confirmed the truth. My first thought was that Kendall’s admission swung way over to the creepy side of the spectrum, but then I figured that her ability to go stealth and fly under the radar would be harder for her than it would for us regular folk. And if there’s one thing everyone deserves, it’s a good old-fashioned nosey every now and then.

You can watch the full clip, including the answer to whether Biebs thinks Kendall is cool or not (ouch) and a sneak peek of what’s coming up in the world’s most famous musical car, below…

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