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The thing we wish we’d done like Kylie Jenner…

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
February 5th, 2018

If there’s one big regret I have when looking back on my pregnancies, it’s that I didn’t capture more moments. During my first pregnancy, I felt SO uncomfortable with how I looked that there are only a handful of photographs of me pregnant and not too many more during my second. My biggest regret of all is that I didn’t film my deliveries. Granted, first time round with a little hairy with a slowing heart rate and vacuum delivery, but I really wish that someone had at least captured the second my kids and I first laid eyes on each other… because those two moments were without a doubt, the best of my life. And who doesn’t want to re-live the best bits?

The vid also shows Kylie holding newborn niece, Chicago West.

The vid also shows Kylie holding newborn niece, Chicago West.

Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy has been perhaps the worst-kept secret of the last few months. With so much speculation and no confirmation (and some whacky theories along the way), it was no real surprise to wake up this morning to read that she had delivered a daughter. Kylie’s decision to stay out of the public eye during her pregnancy is one that she held fast to, which has made the video she released of her pregnancy journey to coincide with the arrival announcement SO much more frenzied. ‘Cos everyone wants to sneak a peek at ‘Pregnant Kylie.’

The video is truly sweet. Beginning with Kylie’s own birth, all the way through to the birth of her new little girl, it had all the moments that so many of us could connect with. Sure, there’s way more private jets, silk pyjamas and designer baby shoes in the mix than most of us would relate to but essentially, Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy vid is a compilation of moments that are no different to yours or mine. It’s the ultrasounds, the sharing of those first snaps from the inside, the CRAVINGS, and above all, the palpable excitement of new life about to join the family. Check it out…

My time has passed now, but my only advice to preggo mums would be this: take the photos. Capture the moments. No matter how shitty you’re feeling, I guarantee that one day you’ll want to look back and marvel at what you did – ‘cos while pregnancy and birth is rarely glamorous, it’s ALWAYS miraculous.

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