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Kylie Jenner is set to smash a massive record

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
July 12th, 2018

When I was 20 years old, I had just dropped out of uni and started working in my first full time job as a Receptionist. Very little of the cash I made went into the piggy bank and a whole lot went towards cover charges and vodka, lemon & limes on the weekends. I was certainly no Kylie Jenner; the littlest Kardash-Jenner known for her plumped pout, being young mama to baby Stormi and, of course, as the woman behind Kylie Cosmetics.

Oh yeah, and she has just appeared on the cover of the August issue of Forbes mag for being on the fast track to becoming the world’s youngest ‘self-made’ BILLIONAIRE. Ever. In less than three years since launching her cosmetics company, Kyles has raked in a cool $900 mil. That’s a lot of lip kits.

Social media has itself in a tizz over the cover though, with Dictionary.com, quoting the Forbes cover on Twitter, tweeting: “Self-made means having succeeded in life unaided. Used in a sentence: Forbes says that Kylie Jenner is a self-made woman.”  I wonder if ANYONE who succeeds in business is doing it totally unaided? Do they mean financially? With zero influence or guidance from mentors or fellow business people? Or do they mean you can’t be ‘famous?’ to be self-made?

Remember when they looked like this?

Loads of people believe that Kylie has no right to be under the ‘self-made’ umbrella with the other cool cats who came from virtually nada to build their fortunes. Kylie was born with money and grew up famous for doing… not much. In the early days of KUWTK, Kylie and Kendall were just the little kids in the background, fighting with each other and asking their big sisters big girl questions. Kyles flew so low under the radar, but has ‘lit-er-ally’ sprung up out of nowhere and taken out the top prize.

The product that started it all

We’ve all got our own opinions on this, but here’s my take on it – Kylie Jenner absolutely had an easy ride when it came to the amount of cashola she had in her piggy bank as a kid. Her family’s money – and certainly the fame that goes along with being a part of the K-J clan – has afforded her way more opportunities than most of us plebs. Kylie Jenner could have just cruised the wave of reality TV stardom, sailing along on her sisters’ coat tails, for the rest of her life. She could have spent her time on yachts in the Bahamas and opening nightclubs and she would have been MORE than a-ok.

But she hasn’t done that. What she has done is become an ambitious young woman who took something she loved, made it her own and turned it into a fucking fortune. Of course she had a head start. Of course she had the cash to give it a red-hot go with minimal risk, because even if she had failed, she’d still be richer than most of us could ever dream. But the thing is, she DIDN’T fail. She has succeeded probably beyond even her own wildest dreams, securing the future of her daughter and most probably several generations to follow. There has to be some credit in that.

Look, I’m definitely not the President of the Kylie Jenner Fan Club, but I do believe that this woman, the cub of a boisterous tribe, has shown some serious smarts in how she has done business.  Forbes has estimated that in the next year, Kylie will beat out EVERY person who has come before her, male or female, to become the youngest billionaire in history. I sort of feel like instead of balking at it, it’s worth giving her a high-five and a wink…  and hoping that her young followers are inspired by her success enough to go out there and get their own.

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