If you grew up watching Labyrinth, we’ve got BIG news!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
April 16th, 2017

Back in 1986, when I was just seven years old, I developed my first crush on a man with long, blonde hair who wore some pretty dramatic eyeshadow and tights that showed off a crotch bulge I did not yet understand. His name was Jareth and he was the ultimate bad boy; the Goblin King from one of the BEST movies of the 80’s, Labyrinth. Long before I realised he was one of the best musicians of our time, or even that he was born in the same year as my dad, Bowie rocked my little cotton socks off in a way my innocent little mind didn’t really get – I just knew I could watch him sing ‘Dance, Magic Dance’ 5000 times in a row. As Jareth he was, simply put, the perfect villain – charming, sexy and just the right amount of sinister.

My siblings and I watched that movie more times than I can remember. We re-wound it (remember when you had to rewind VHS tapes??) so many times that our copy got chewed up and we would then go and borrow it at the video shop as part of our ‘6 weeklys for $6’ deal. To this day, my brother and I still call each other Ambrosius, the noble steed (AKA dog) to Sir Didymus.

Ambrosius, Sir Didymus, Ludo, Hoggle and Sarah working together to rescue Toby from The Goblin King.

Ambrosius, Sir Didymus, Ludo, Hoggle and Sarah working together to rescue Toby from The Goblin King.

Now that my own kids are old enough to watch it without getting too freaked out, I recently sat them down to watch my childhood fave. I was worried they would think it was lame; the effects haven’t really aged well and some of those goblins are downright scary – but much to my delight they bloody loved it! We’ve watched it together (it’s currently airing on Netflix) about three times since and like a bonafide groupie,  I still know it upside down and back to front.

If, like me, Labyrinth was one of your fave movies growing up – I’ve got some BIG NEWS! A sequel is in the works. According to The Hollywood Reporter, film-maker Fede Alvarez (the man behind the 2013 remake of Evil Dead and Don’t Breathe) has signed on as writer and director and Lisa Henson (daughter of the original director, Jim Henson) will produce.

The new flick is said to be a follow-on from where the original ended, not a re-make, and the beloved Goblin King will not be replaced by anyone else. Good move I reckon, because who on Earth could replace David Bowie? 

Fede Alvarez has his hands full at the moment and is currently working on the sequel to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo called The Girl in the Spider’s Web, but is set to start work on Labyrinth once that project is completed in October next year.

Fingers crossed he does the original justice, because he sure has some big boots to fill. We CAN’T WAIT!!

Speaking of flicks from our childhood, have you seen the trailer for the re-make of Stephen King’s IT? Check it out below. Eeeeekkkkkk!!!

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