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Lizzo’s takedown of body shamers will make you feel good as hell

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
June 15th, 2020

If you follow Lizzo on Instagram, you’ll be sure of one thing: lady loves herself sick.

She loves her curves, she loves her size, she loves her cellulite – she loves it ALL. I mean, she genuinely loves it… and it makes me, a woman who has always struggled with her body image, feel a little freer just watching her. Lizzo’s words aren’t tokenism though; one flick through her pics prove that this is one woman who walks her talk.

This body-loving, flute-playing, singing, dancing dynamo flat-out refuses to let anyone comment negatively on her bod and certainly isn’t afraid to call-out those who do. The thing is, in doing so, Lizzo is standing up for women of all shapes and sizes who feel judged by society for not having a body deemed ‘good enough.’

Just a few days ago, Lizzo posted a vid on TikTok – a shout-out to body shamers everywhere – and we are HERE FOR IT. Check it out below and feel free to fist pump along with us.

Bravo, Lizzo. Bra-fucking-vo!

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