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These MAFS bad lip reading vids are solid bloody GOLD!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
February 14th, 2019

During last year’s season of MAFS, I felt like the only person in Australia who wasn’t watching. I tried to jump on the bandwagon when all the Dean and Davina shit was going down, but it was too far gone for me to really sink my teeth in. So this year, I decided to pop my MAFS cherry and fully commit from the beginning.

Most of my time is generally spent just being cynical about almost every scenario (“AS IF the producers didn’t set that up” / “They’ve just matched them together because they are SO wrong for each other and it’ll make for good TV” / “There is no way Ines is legit. No one is that horrible“) or just yelling at the couples through the TV like a psycho (“Heidi, can’t you see that Mike is a total douche?!” / “Bronson, WTF?! GET OUTTA THERE AND GO HOME!” / “Cyrell, stop screaming at Nic and then blaming your outbursts on being scared of letting anyone get ‘too close'” / “Elizabeth, stop opening your eyes that wide. It’s scaring me”). I love it so much.

The other night, my brother sent me a link to these MAFS bad lip reading vids called Read Between The Lines and I laughed as hard as Cyrell did when she tried to feed Nic an egg yolk for dessert. The short and hilarious round-ups come courtesy of comedian Josh Hawkins of HiJosh and Yahoo Lifestyle and they are 100% solid bloody gold.

This week’s vid is an absolute cracker…

As is week two….

And week one….

I hope he NEVER stops doing them – because I’m kinda starting to look forward to watching these more than the actual show.

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