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Margot Robbie is still a girl from down under

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
May 25th, 2017

As Aussies, we get pretty excited when one of our own travels over to the U.S and cracks it in Hollywood – which is exactly what Donna from Neighbours, Margot Robbie did. And she made it BIG TIME, with her first big starring role alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street. While there’s no doubt that Margot is a stunner, it was her acting chops that seriously blew us away. Who knew the girl, literally from next-door, (on Ramsay street anyway) had that flawless, drawling New York accent inside of her; the one which left us thinking, “Margs, where the bloody hell are ya?”

Since then, Margot has seriously been nailing her career. She’s appeared with Will Smith in Focus, in The Legend of Tarzan and in Suicide Squad alongside Jared Leto.

Vanity Fair chucked Margot on a beach somewhere and got her to go through 40 Aussie slang terms and explain them to the Yankee Doodle Dandees.  Here’s how she went…

Ok, so all-in-all she did pretty good. Some of those things are HARD to describe when at home, it’s just your language.

But what about…

Whinge: Am I the only one who didn’t realise that whinge was Aussie slang? I seriously thought this was a universal word. #soaussie.

Fair Dinkum: Look, I wouldn’t give Margs full points on this one. Maybe half a point…because Fair Dinkum surely means “Seriously?!” not “Far out,” or at least a hybrid of the two.

Doovalacky: This hurt my heart, because she should have known this one! Doovalacky, to me, is really any ‘thing’ you’ve forgotten the name of but particularly tools or stuff that you use like handles or switches.

Dog’s Eye: WTF? I’ve never heard of this, so of course I Googled it. As part of the Aussie slang rhyming family, Dog’s Eye = Meat Pie, like Dead Horse = Tomato Sauce and Reg Grundies (another one that stumped her) = Undies.

Shithouse: I guess she’s technically right here when she said toilet, but in my mind when I hear ‘Shithouse’ (said: Shiiiiiit’ous) it means really crap.

Old Fella: Isn’t this penis? According to Margs it’s old man, “like old fellow.” I’m staying with dick.

Come A Guster: Another one I had to consult Google for…what the hell is this? Come A Guster means, “to fall heavily on the ground.”  No way! Did any of you guys know this??

We’re still totally prouds of our girl who went from Hollywood on the Gold Coast to actual Hollywood, is kicking some major ass and most importantly, has kept her Aussie accent in the process. Onya babe.

What favourite Aussie slang word is your fave?

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