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This has been watched over 7 MILLION times

Stacey by Stacey
November 23rd, 2016

Normally when commercials are on I take that time to do some Insta stalking or get up and do some pantry gazing until my show is back on. I rarely take notice of them because…well, boring!! BUT with this commercial I have voluntarily watched it around 10 times now.

This new Christmas ad has been seen almost 7 million times. It was created by UK retailer Marks & Spencer. It shows a strong, independent, cheeky and capable Mrs Claus pull of a beautiful request from a little boy that just wanted to send some love to his older sister for Christmas. Santa Claus has no idea just what his gorgeous wife is getting up to when he’s out delivering presents to all the other kids around the world.

It’s modern and it’s bloody ACE! If you have already seen it, watch again. It is so good.